Welcome to The Campus Daily Grind!

Welcome to the Campus Daily Grind in Stillwater! If you love great coffee, you'll love to know that we provide a real alternative to coffee house chains with our hand crafted coffee and espresso drinks, a great tea selection, and delicious bakery options.

Having served the Stillwater community since 1995, our local baristas know that it takes more than pushing a button to make a great espresso. The first Campus Daily Grind opened in 1995, and have since put twenty years of success behind them. We have the knowledge and experience it takes to make each cup a superb cup of coffee, and it is our pleasure to deliver on our promise of making a great coffee shop experience.

Located inside the Original Hidaway Pizza, on the corner of Main and Knoblock, the Campus Daily Grind welcomes all, and has always celebrated the diversity of our local community.

Need a place to unwind or study after class? We have Free Wi-Fi!


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